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Annual report and accounts

Motability's annual reports and accounts provide a summary of the charity's activities and main achievements for the year, as well as detailed information about our financial reports.

View Motability's past annual report and accounts, using the links below:

Download 2015/16 Will download a resource(PDF 1MB)

Download 2014/15 Will download a resource(PDF 2MB)

Download 2013/14 Will download a resource(PDF 3MB)

Download 2012/13 Will download a resource(PDF 1MB)

Download 2011/12 Will download a resource(PDF 1MB)

Download 2010/11 Will download a resource(PDF 1MB)

If you would like to view Motability's annual report and accounts from previous years, please email .

The Directors of Motability are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the corporate and financial information included on the company’s website. Find out How we are governed and take a look at the Patrons and Governors of Motability.