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How to make a complaint

Motability is the national charity responsible for setting the strategic policy and direction of the Motability Scheme and oversees performance to ensure the Scheme meets the needs of disabled people.

Find out about the Motability Scheme

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Motability’s Complaint Process

We work closely with Motability Operations Ltd, who operate the Motability Scheme under contract to Motability.

The role of Motability, the Charity, is to:

  • Oversee the Motability Scheme to ensure it supports disabled people with their mobility
  • Raise awareness of the Scheme to people who may be able to join
  • Provide Charitable Grants to Scheme customers who would otherwise struggle to afford car, adaptation or driving lesson they need.

When things don’t go as planned

Motability is committed to providing these services to the highest standard. We recognise that sometimes things do not happen the way you’d expect and, if this happens, it will be looked at. Therefore, if you have a complaint regarding any of Motability’s work (as detailed above) or if you have any general comments or feedback about the Motability Scheme, then you can follow the Motability complaints process outlined below.

If you have a complaint about a customer agreement on the Motability Scheme, you should contact Motability Operations Ltd .

Motability, the charity cannot get involved in issues relating to a specific customer agreement as the customer’s contract is with Motability Operations Ltd. However, Motability does (as part of overseeing the Scheme) regularly review and analyse customer complaints with Motability Operations Ltd, to identify any trends or areas for improvement.

How to make a complaint to Motability

You can make a complaint by email, post or by completing our complaints form, using the link below. We prefer to talk to you so that we can resolve your complaint as quickly as possible so please give your contact details, including a telephone number.

Online: Complete our complaints form
Post: Customer Support and Oversight, Warwick House, Roydon Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5PX

If you tell us that you prefer for your concerns to be dealt with in writing, we will write to you and acknowledge receipt of your complaint – usually within four days of us receiving your query.

What happens next?

We will always try to resolve your complaint straight away. However, if this is not possible, we will fully investigate the issues you have raised and aim to resolve them as quickly as we can. We will keep you updated on our progress.
We aim to fully resolve all complaints and provide you with our final response within eight weeks of you raising the matter with us.

What if I remain unhappy?

Motability is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for a small amount of our business activity – this is limited to Motability’s involvement in promotional activity to raise awareness and understanding of the Motability Scheme among potential customers.

If your complaint relates to Motability introducing you to the Motability Scheme and you remain unhappy with how your complaint has been handled or concluded, or eight weeks have passed and you feel we have not responded appropriately, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge. The Financial Ombudsman is a free, independent service for resolving disputes between customers and financial services institutions.

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service as follows:

Write to:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR

Telephone, calling from a UK mobile: 0300 123 9123
Telephone, calling from a UK landline: 0800 023 4567

Online: (opens in a new window)

Complaints about an application for a Charitable Grant

Motability, as a national charity, may be able to provide a Charitable Grant to Scheme customers who would otherwise struggle to afford the mobility solution they need. However, our funds are limited and therefore go only to those in most need. We means-test all applications and any help we give can only be towards the most affordable solution to help customers cope with their mobility needs. This means that customers may not necessarily receive help towards their preferred solution if a better value alternative is available on the Scheme. We appreciate that this can be disappointing to some customers and they may be unhappy with the outcome of their application or how it was managed.

In the first instance, you should discuss your concerns with your Grants Case Manager so that they are able to consider your views as part of the decision making process.

If you have received your final grants offer letter and remain unhappy you are able to follow the Motability complaints process as detailed above. Your case will be considered by a member of the Motability complaints team.