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How we are governed

Motability is incorporated by Royal Charter, granted on 18 May 1988. The Royal Charter provides for Members to elect the Board of Governors which is responsible for the overall governance of Motability and oversight of the Motability Scheme.

The Scheme itself is operated on a contract basis by Motability Operations Ltd. As the owner and promoter of the Scheme, Motability works very closely with Motability Operations Ltd to ensure that our mutual objective of supporting disabled with mobility needs is achieved.

Patrons and Governors of Motability

Man with his Motability Scheme car.


Chairman of Motability

Lord Sterling of Plaistow GCVO CBE is co-founder of the Motability Scheme and Chairman of the Board of Governors of Motability. Responsibility for implementing policy and the reviewing of performance is delegated by the Board to a number of Committees, as set out below. They meet prior to Board meetings and formally report to them, so that any recommendations for changes in strategy or policy can be ratified by the full Board.

Scheme Oversight Committee

The Scheme Oversight Committee comprises three Governors: Richard Bennison FCA, Paul Spencer CBE and the Chair is Sir Gerald Acher CBE LVO.

Motability's oversight of Motability Operations Ltd ensures that the Scheme delivers value for money and a unique level of customer service to disabled people, in a sustainable manner. Each quarter, the Oversight Committee reviews Motability Operations Ltd's performance against contractual Key Performance Indicators related to customer service, affordability and sustainability, and appropriate actions are taken in the event of any shortfalls in performance. 

Audit, Risk and Governance Committee

The Audit, Risk and Governance Committee comprises three Governors: Alan Dickinson, Joanna Lewis with Chair Richard Bennison FCA. The Committee is responsible for the oversight of Risk Assessment, Risk Management and Internal Control. It is also charged with reviewing the performance of both internal and external audit, and for making recommendations to the Board in respect of the appointment of external auditors. The Committee also advises the Board on the appropriate level of free reserves and any significant change in investment strategy.

Funding and Grant-Making Committee

The Funding and Grant-Making Committee comprises of: Joanna Lewis with Chair Professor Adrian V Stokes OBE. The Committee reviews Motability’s funding and grants policies, performance and risks in view of the current economic climate.

Remuneration Committee

The Committee comprises three Governors: Richard Bennison FCA, Joanna Lewis, and Chair Sir Gerald Acher CBE LVO. The primary purpose is to review the remuneration of the Director and senior management and the Staff pay and benefits strategy.

The Director

The Director of Motability is Declan O’Mahony who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Charity’s affairs and the relationships with stakeholders, including the DWP and Motability Operations. The Director is supported by a senior management team to ensure the implementation of policies agreed by the Governors of Motability.

Remuneration Policy

Motability believes in recruiting and retaining high-calibre people to represent its business needs. To run successfully, a range of skills and disciplines are required and we need to pay people fairly and appropriately to ensure we can recruit people with the right knowledge, capabilities and experience, and retain them in a marketplace where skills are readily transferable to other organisations in both the voluntary and private sectors.

Remuneration is reviewed using established job evaluation models and median salary data from comparable benchmarks, including other charities, to ensure that it is competitive, is able to attract talent and encourage retention. All Motability employees are provided with a copy of the Annual Business Plan, which describes the organisational and divisional objectives. In addition, all People Managers are provided with an Accountability Statement which set out expectations of their performance in respect of a range of matters including risk management, adherence to company policies, leadership, diversity and information security.

Motability does not operate a bonus scheme for any staff.

Motability’s culture is defined by the following core values, and is central to delivering excellent performance;

  • We are passionate about consistently improving the quality of our service
  • We are open, accessible, honest and ethical
  • We respect and value professional skill, knowledge and expertise
  • We value the diversity of our customers and those we work with
  • We take an active and dynamic approach to our work

Motability’s performance, its culture and the challenges facing the organisation are regularly considered by the Board of Governors when approving significant remuneration matters. Find out more about our culture .

Executive Directors’ Remuneration

The remuneration package for Executive Directors consists of: base salary; core benefits and pension. Motability’s approach to each of these elements is described below.

Base Salary

Each year the Remuneration Committee determines the salary of each Executive Director with regards to the role and its responsibilities, the experience of the individual undertaking the role and market comparatives. Annual changes are made as appropriate taking these factors into account.

Core Benefits

Motability provides Executive Directors with a number of core benefits including private medical insurance, life assurance and a company car (or cash allowance in lieu of a car).


Motability provides a Stakeholder Pension Plan, which is non-contributory for all employees. Motability makes contributions equivalent to 10% of base salary, and offers a facility to match employee contributions up to a further 5% via salary sacrifice.

Other Matters

Motability is committed to promoting Equal Pay, and ensures that all salaries exceed the requirements of the National Living Wage.

Find out about careers at Motability .