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Introduction to the Motability Scheme

We offer a range of resources, available free of charge, that you can refer to and pass on to disabled people and their families. Watch our short video clip below that provides an introduction to the Motability Scheme.


In this video clip, occupational therapist, Kate, provides a short introduction to the Motability Scheme. It also includes other topics, such as eligibility criteria to be able to join the Scheme, adaptations for cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, and financial help available, otherwise known as Charitable Grants .

Motability Scheme customers Elisabeth, Aaron and Mohammad also feature in the video.

Elisabeth has spina bifida and is unable to stand or walk. Elisabeth has a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that allows her to travel as a passenger without transferring from her wheelchair. Elisabeth can travel with her family in one car which means her parents can drop her to school, take her to attend hospital appointments and also visit friends and family. Find out more about Wheelchair Accessible VehiclesOpens in new window available on the Motability Scheme.

Aaron is paralysed from the waist down following a motocross accident at the age of 15. Aaron has an automatic car with hand controls instead of foot pedals so he is able to drive. Aaron uses his Motability car to get to work and to go out and socialise with his friends.Find out more about carsOpens in new window and adaptationsOpens in new window available on the Motability Scheme.

Mohammad has a spinal injury and is unable to stand or walk. Mohammad has a scooter through the Motability Scheme which he uses to get out and about with his family. Find out more about scootersOpens in new window available on the Motability Scheme.

If you advise people about regaining mobility and independence then we have a range of information available to you, free of charge, about the Motability Scheme. Order or download our resources, alternatively take a look at our dedicated area for health professionals and advisors to find out more information.