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Letter from Lord Sterling to the Committee Chairs

Following the Joint Work and Pensions and Treasury Select Committee inquiry on 5 March, Motability submitted further evidence - as requested by the Joint Committee - to aid the inquiry’s deliberations.

Motability Operations, in its separate role as the company contracted to operate the Scheme, has also submitted its evidence - as requested - to the Joint Committee. You can read all published correspondence relating to the inquiry on the Work and Pensions Committee inquiry pageOpens in new window (opens in a new window).

During the Select Committee inquiry on 5 March, a number of incorrect statements were made, and subsequently published in the Committee’s online news update on 7 March. Lord Sterling (Motability’s Chairman) has written separately to the Chairs of both Committees to correct four crucial issues that were raised.

Download a copy of the letter below:

Letter from Lord Sterling to the Committee Chairs - 16 March Will download a resource(PDF 3MB)

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