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Update on Scheme Related Grants and Driving Lessons

Following the announcement of the national lockdown in England, and continuing lockdowns and restrictions in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, it may still be possible to place an application for the Motability Scheme and for cars to be handed over in some areas of the UK at this time. This is subject to the ability of the dealership to legally and safely operate within the current restrictions.

Motability, the Charity, remains open and we are currently able to receive and work through applications for charitable grants. However, beneficiaries with Charitable Grant Awards for Scheme Related Grants and Driving Lessons may be affected depending on the Government and local restrictions currently in place in their area. Stopped Allowance Support , Additional Transitional Support and Access to Work grant programmes are unaffected by restrictions at this time.

Test drives

A test drive is the only way to ensure a vehicle is suitable for your needs both now, and throughout the full duration of your lease. Even if you are not going to be driving yourself, you still need to make sure the vehicle is comfortable and that it suits your needs. If you do not test drive a vehicle and later decide that it is unsuitable, you may not be eligible for grant funding on a replacement vehicle.

We recognise that due to local restrictions,  it may not be possible or advisable for our beneficiaries to take test drives, or that you may not feel comfortable doing so at this time. If your Charitable Grant Award states that you should test drive the listed vehicles or vehicle categories, we strongly recommend that all our beneficiaries follow the law/Government guidance in their area in order to stop the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and stay safe. Throughout the UK, the various Governments are currently telling people to stay at home and avoid non-essential journeys. With that in mind, if you currently lease a vehicle through the Motability Scheme and you haven’t placed a new order, or you don’t return your car on the date your lease is due to end, your lease will automatically be extended for six months. This is the case even if you have already had a lease extension due to the COVID situation. You can place a new order, or return your car, at any point during this six-month lease extension. Your Charitable Grant Award will also remain valid during this time. This will give you time to consider your options and take the necessary test drives when Government guidance allows and you feel comfortable.

If you decide that you would like to have a test drive and that you are comfortable to take any risks associated with undertaking this activity, you should contact your dealership to understand how they are operating within the local regulations, and whether they are able to offer test drives at this time.

Grants for Complex Driving Solutions – Driving Assessments

Ensuring that we have the necessary and appropriate measures in place for the safety of our beneficiaries and staff is one of our key priorities, therefore driving assessments can only be carried out in areas of the UK where current Government guidelines and lockdown restrictions allow us to safely carry out this activity. We have undertaken full risk assessments in line with Government guidelines, and have paused all driving assessments at this time. You will be notified by a member of our team when national/local restrictions allow us to re-start driving assessments in your area.

Grants for Adaptations

If you have received a grant award for adaptations which do not require a driving assessment, such as boot hoists, or adaptations you already use, you may be able to place an order for a vehicle on the Scheme at this time, however, the ability of the adaptations installer to fit your adaptations to the vehicle when it is delivered may be impacted by national/local restrictions. Please contact your dealership to understand how they are operating within the local regulations, and whether there might be a delay.

If you need a driving assessment, for example because you have never used adaptations before or you are changing adaptations, you will not be able to have a driving assessment until national/local restrictions permit it in your area. You will be contacted when you are able to arrange a driving assessment. Please note, this may take some time due to the large number of assessments being re-arranged.

Grants for Driving Lessons

Restrictions in place across the UK currently prevent driving lessons from taking place, therefore you will not be able to book lessons at this time. As restrictions are lifted in your area, BSM will contact you to book your lessons. Please note, this may take some time due to large numbers of both current and new pupils awaiting lessons, and according to the restrictions in place in your local area.

For updates on the Motability Scheme, which is delivered by the company, Motability Operations, please visit the Scheme website .