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Vehicle adaptations

Adaptations are available through the Motability Scheme to help make travelling as comfortable and safe as possible. The Motability Scheme offers hundreds of adaptations, ranging from simple driving controls to more complex adaptations such as person hoists.

Adaptations are available to help with:

  • Vehicle Access – to help get in and out of a car, for example, swivel seats and transfer plates.
  • Equipment Loading – to help load and store equipment without needing to manually lift it, for example, boot hoists.
  • Driving – including steering, braking and acceleration; for example, steering aids, hand controls and left foot accelerators.
Lady behind the wheel of a car

Things to consider

Not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car. Given this, it is important to consider the adaptations you need before you choose a car. Adaptation installers are the best people to give advice on which adaptations might best suit your needs. Not all adaptations on the Scheme are available from every installer. Once you know what you need, if the supplier you have been considering cannot supply it, simply speak to another Motability Scheme installer who can supply what you need. If you need more complex adaptations for driving, you may benefit from a driving assessment.

Ordering adaptations

Adaptations are fitted by a range of Motability approved installers located across the UK but you can order your adaptations directly with the car dealership. The dealership will arrange for your local adaptation installer to fit your new adaptations to your new car. Ordering your adaptations at the same time as your Motability Scheme car is simpler and more cost effective than fitting adaptations to a Scheme car you already have.

Cars ordered at the same time as adaptations will be delivered with everything fitted, ready for you to use.

If you have already contacted an adaptation installer for advice, you can choose this company for the fitting when ordering your car. You should let the Motability Specialist at the dealership know if you have a preferred installer when you order your vehicle. You can find a local adaptation installerOpens in new window on the Motability Scheme website.

Find out more information about the adaptations availableOpens in new window on the Motability Scheme website.