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Cars available

A car can be leased for three years on the Motability Scheme.

Some cars are available at less or no more than the cost of your weekly mobility allowance, while more expensive cars require an additional upfront payment (known as an Advance Payment) to cover the cost of the lease.

Man in front of his car.

What is included?

The lease of a new vehicle for three years, with:

  • Insurance.
  • Servicing and maintenance.
  • Full breakdown assistance.
  • 60,000 mileage allowance.
  • Window and windscreen repair or replacement.
  • Many adaptations at no extra cost.
  • Replacement tyres.

What is available?

There are over 2,000 cars to choose from, including hundreds of automatics, from all the major manufacturers.

Cars are available in various size categories including:

  • Small - Smaller cars tend to have lower Advance Payments and lower running costs than larger vehicles. Cars with two or three doors generally have wider door opening angles which may make access easier, however, four or five door cars benefit from rear passenger doors for easier access to the rear seats.
  • Medium - Medium-sized cars are often available in hatchback and will have a slightly bigger boot than a standard small car. As with small cars, models with two or three doors will have a wider door opening angle and the four or five door models will have rear passenger doors.
  • Family - Family cars are considerably larger than medium sized cars. A hatchback family car usually has a boot that is integrated with a rear window, which can mean more storage space. Saloons have a more traditional boot, which opens independently of the rear window.
  • Estate - This is a longer version of a saloon or hatchback, with a larger boot that allows for more space for mobility aids or equipment.
  • Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) - Ranging from small to large, MPVs can seat from five to nine people. The seats are higher, with more headroom, legroom and width which may make access easier. Some have large sliding rear doors.

There is also a choice of:

  • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) - Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are large vehicles that generally have higher ground clearance and off-road styling, similar to 4x4s. SUVs are available with either two wheel drive or four wheel drive (4x4) capabilities.
  • Coupes - Coupes are small and sporty-looking, seating either two or four people. They are usually two-door with a small boot.
  • Roadsters - A roadster is a hard-top convertible (rather than a soft-top).
  • Cabriolets - A cabriolet is a convertible where the roof can come off or retract.

What do I do next?

You can search for cars available and see the cost of Advance Payments on the Motability Scheme Online Car SearchOpens in new window .

You could also consider adaptations available through the Motability Scheme, to help make travelling as comfortable and safe as possible. Find out more about adaptations .