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Angela is looking confident and happy as she comes down the ramp of her WAV in her wheelchair

My adapted wheelchair access vehicle is life changing

Angela has been on the Motability Scheme for over 20 years.

She currently leases a Drive-from-Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) and has discovered a new love for travelling. 

Getting a specially adapted WAV was life-changing. I went from a smaller estate car, where it took 45 minutes to get both my husband, his wheelchair, my wheelchair and myself in or out of the vehicle, to it taking minutes, explains Angela. 

Before my WAV, I used to hire cars through the Scheme, but it started to become more and more difficult for me to put my wheelchair in the boot. It wasn’t an easy task and I found myself getting more tired. It got to the stage that I called Motability in order to give my car back. It was on that phone call that the adviser helped me and told me that I could have an assessment with one of their mobility assessors and it was then that I found out about WAVs and that I could apply for financial help towards the Advance Payment and adaptation costs

Angela is sitting in her wheelchair at the back of her WAV, turning back to the camera with a lovely bright smile
“Having the grant and the vehicle has truly changed my life. I really can’t imagine my life without the vehicle” ”

Before Motability, Angela had to rely on taxis, but explains that this was not always easy or cost-effective, “I got around mainly by taxi, but this was very expensive. I only ever used to go out within a ten mile radius as it just would have been too costly otherwise. I was very limited in what I could do before Motability.

Angela is in the driving seat of her WAV with the keys in her hand, smiling and looking happy
“The process of applying for a grant was easy. As a disabled person, I really appreciated how the whole process was so stress-free and easy”

"Having the grant and the vehicle has truly changed my life."

We have family in Scotland and I am able to visit them.  I’m driving places I would never have gone before and visiting places I never thought I’d see