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Joanne and her husband are at the beach; she is in her motorised wheelchair, they're holding hands

Motability made possible a once in a lifetime trip

Joanne lives in Bournemouth with her husband, Ian, and two children. Joanne received a grant for the Advance Payment towards her Wheelchair-Accessible-Vehicle (WAV).

“Ian is my full-time carer so we share everyday together. I am at home a lot of the time due to physical and medical limitations, but when we can get out, the car is worth its weight in gold. Having it means we can come and go at my own pace and I have a safe sanctuary inside the car if everything gets overwhelming or I have a seizure.”

Before joining the Motability Scheme, Joanne and Ian were unable to travel as a couple, and Joanne rarely left their home.

Joanne is sat in her motorised wheelchair outside at the back of her WAV, with her husbands arm around her
“Having my vehicle means I am no longer a prisoner in my own home. Since having my WAV I feel like I have complete freedom to do what I like, when I like. ”

“I like being out with Ian and feeling like a normal couple, doing normal things. I believe that means a lot to most disabled people, just feeling included. One of the things that meant the most to me was being able to go to the Lake District with Ian. I was able to support him in the Lakesman, a triathlon held in Keswick. He had to swim 1.2 miles, cycle 56 miles and then run a half marathon. I was able to be there and support him all the way.

I also had the opportunity to climb The Fells in an off road wheelchair. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience, which Motability made possible and I can’t thank them enough. We are looking forward to more adventures together.”