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Charitable Grants

Motability, as a national charity, provides Charitable Grants towards the cost of a vehicle, adaptations or driving lessons.

Last year we helped 7,500 Scheme customers and their families to become mobile with over £20 million in Charitable Grants.

Our funding is limited and therefore we can only help those most in need. We means test all applications and any help we give is always towards the best value solution to help you cope with your mobility needs.  

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Women in wheelchair on WAV ramp.

Do you need a Charitable Grant?

Do you need a Charitable Grant?

Before applying for a Charitable Grant, always consider the lowest cost solution first as it may either be affordable to you, or at least save time for you later on if you do need to apply for a Charitable Grant.

Do you need a Charitable Grant?

Are you eligible for a Charitable Grant?

Are eligible for a Charitable Grant.

Motability can help disabled people to join the Scheme who could not otherwise afford to.
Because these funds are limited we must apply some criteria to ensure that we help those who most need it. 

Are you eligibile for a Charitable Grant?

How to apply for a Charitable Grant

How to apply for a Charitable Grant.

If you have carefully considered your needs and cannot find a suitable mobility solution in your price range, please take a look at how to apply for a Charitable Grant.

How to apply for a Charitable Grant

Appealing a Charitable Grants funding decision    

Appealing a Charitable Grants decision.

We base all funding decisions on the information available to us at the time. If you receive a funding decision that you are not happy with, you can ask us to review your case.

Appealing a funding decision