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A young lady sitting in a wheelchair whilst another young lady is crouched next to her wheelchair smiling at her.

Grants to Charities and Organisations

About our Grants to Charities and Organisations

In 2022 we launched new grant programmes to provide even more support to other charities and organisations in areas where our research and insight has shown opportunities to have the greatest impact for disabled people. These grant programmes will help to address the challenges that disabled people face accessing transport right now, while Motability continues its research and innovation work into longer-term solutions to make all transport accessible.


We are using £50 million of the donation we received in 2021 to expand our support for charities and other organisations for the next three financial years ending March 2025.


The first two new grant programmes, Community Transport, and Wheelchair Sector launched in April 2022 with the Research Grants and Active Travel Grants launched in June 2022. The launch of Travelling with Confidence and Reducing Barriers to Driving in August 2022 now completes the portfolio of grant programmes.


Charities and organisations can apply for grants from £100,000 up to £4 million.  Each application will be assessed consistently against our criteria to ensure fair and transparent awarding of funding and to deliver the greatest impact to as many disabled people as possible.


Motability is committed to our vision, that no disabled person shall be disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation. This includes all disabled people in need of assistance with their personal transportation, not just disabled people who choose to use the Motability Scheme.

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If you are an individual, carer, family or friend looking to know more about our Charitable Grants visit our Grants to Individuals section for more information. Grants to Individuals

Grants to Charities and Organisations

Grants for Community Transport

Aims to develop, expand and improve community transport options for disabled people. We are focussed on awarding grants in this area on: funding support for staff or volunteer training and costs and funding to increase the number of vehicles available in the community to support disabled people...

About Community Transport Grants

Grants for Wheelchairs

Aims to improve and expand access to good quality affordable wheelchairs. We are focussed on awarding grants in this area on funding to fill current gaps in provision for groups of people who are excluded from receiving help from existing sources/providers...

About Wheelchair Sector Grant Programme

Grants for Active Travel

Aims to help charities and organisations to improve and expand access to quality and affordable active travel equipment and journeys, to ensure disabled people have the same opportunities to make decisions about how they travel...

About Active Travel Grant Programme

Grants for Research

Aims to help charities and organisations to make an immediate positive impact for disabled people, to develop, expand and improve transport related research for disabled people, and produce data and findings that can be freely accessed by all...

About Research Grant Programme

Grants for Travelling with Confidence

A growing number of large and small charities are now providing these travel training schemes and through our new Travel Confidence Grant Programme, we hope to help them and travel providers, to make an immediate impact for disabled people...

About Travelling with Confidence Grant Programme

Grants for Reducing Barriers to Driving

Aims to help charities and organisations to improve and expand private transport options for disabled people and their families beyond the Motability Scheme...

About Reducing Barriers to Driving Grant Programme