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Joanne is sat in her motorised wheelchair outside at the back of her WAV, with her husbands arm around her

Acknowledging your grant

We are delighted to help support your Charity or Organisation and are happy for you to acknowledge our support in publications you produce about the work which Motability is directly supporting, we ask that grants made by us are acknowledged in the following:-

  • Marketing material (brochures, leaflets, mailshots, newsletters etc.)
  • Annual report
  • Impact reports
  • Case studies
  • Website (pages that relate to the funding)
  • Social media posts

Brand guidelines

Before creating any of the materials mentioned above or sending out any communications please read our brand guidelines and attain approval from the Motability Communications team.


We ask that acknowledgement of our support on websites should include our logo and a link to our website

Press releases and announcements

We ask that any press release, public statement or other form of communication announcing or describing or otherwise relating to the Grant or the Purpose shall be agreed in advance between Grantees and the Motability Communications team.

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact the Motability Press Office on 0300 123 3350 or email

Social media

Social media is a great way to share your funding news and reach audiences. Make sure to include our logo when producing social media assets, images and on your header pictures.

Remember to tag and follow Motability social media accounts using @Motability