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Special Grant Programme

Motability’s vision is that no disabled person shall be disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation. In order to achieve this we constantly look for and develop new ways to meet the changing transportation needs of disabled people.


Based on Motability’s latest research we have identified key priority areas where we believe there is the greatest potential to improve access to transportation for disabled people. We are developing individual strategies for each which will deliver sustainable, long term benefit for disabled people.


Further information on our current priority areas can be found on the Innovation page of Motability’s website.


One important way in which Motability supports work in these priority areas is by providing financial support to other charities or non-profit organisations who share our ambition to develop new routes to impact for disabled people. Our Special Grant Programme enables us to provide this support.


Organisations supported by the Special Grant Programme will have been recognised by our Governors as having the potential to deliver innovative and impactful solutions that address significant issues in these priority areas, and empower disabled people through transport solutions.


The Special Grant Programme is currently by invitation only while we work to understand our new priority areas in depth and develop our approach to impact.


Further information on the Special Grant Programme, including the support Motability is able to provide to organisations, can be found in this guidance note (PDF 99.0 KB)


If you have any questions or would like to be kept updated on funding opportunities within our priority areas please get in touch at

Oscar’s story 

Oscar loves his Wizzybug so much his mum wanted to share their story


“When they examined Oscar’s body at my 20 week scan, they found that his limbs were in a strange position. His legs were bent around at the wrong angle, and some of his fingers and one wrist were in a ‘6’ position. Their first thought was that Oscar may have had talipes – an early birth defect that can be easily treated. I had to have further invasive tests, which were inconclusive. It was a time of uncertainty.


When Oscar was born, his leg broke during labour. It was not long afterwards that they gave us the diagnosis of arthrogryposis – a condition which affects joint flexibility, causes muscle weakness, and means he is unable to stand.


Wizzybug has given him the independence he didn’t have before. He used to watch his cousins run about while stuck in his pushchair, but now he can zoom off with them!


He has grown in confidence since getting his Wizzybug, both at home and at nursery. He is finally able to follow his friends during all the different activities they get up to. He enjoys telling everyone that it is his Wizzybug and he does the driving!


Oscar has had the help of lots of other assistive technology since he was born, but nothing else compares. It’s the first non-medical looking piece of equipment that has changed all of our lives – especially his – for the better.”

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Scheme-Related Grants

Whilst the vast majority of Motability Scheme customers use just their mobility allowance to lease the vehicle they require, there are still some who are unable to afford the Advance Payment on a vehicle and any adaptations they need to be able to access the benefits of the Motability Scheme.

Scheme-Related Grants

Access to Mobility Grants

Our Access to Mobility Grant Funding Programmes have been created to support our vision: that no disabled person shall be disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation. A of these grant programmes are Driving Lessons Grant Programme and Stopped Allowance Support Programme.

Access to Mobility Grants