1. Can Motability help with adapting a car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) for me to drive from my wheelchair?

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    Motability may be able to provide Charitable Grants towards adaptations so you can drive your Motability Scheme vehicle from your wheelchair or transfer internally from your wheelchair to the driving seat. Motability may also be able to provide Charitable Grants towards complex driving controls for Scheme vehicles.

    Please note that applications for Charitable Grants are prioritised to ensure help goes where it is most needed. Motability considers, among other things, the need to: get to work, drive to a place of study, any caring responsibilities, attending appointments, hospital visits and whether care or support is in place to achieve essential mobility needs. If Motability are unable to provide a Charitable Grant they will look at alternative options which may be available to you.

    Find out more information about Charitable Grants.

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