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    Do you use location trackers?

    The Motability Scheme leasing package includes cover for two named drivers. Regardless of who is driving, the Scheme car should always be used for the benefit of the disabled customer.

    To ensure that Scheme customers are gaining direct benefit from their Motability Scheme car, location trackers may be fitted to vehicles if the risk of potential misuse is highest; for example, where Scheme customers permanently live in a care home and have a number of drivers who have access to the car, or if none of the customer's named drivers are resident at their address.

    Motability expects to fit location trackers in fewer than five percent of the more than 630,000 cars leased through the Motability Scheme. Where a location tracker has been identified as appropriate, the Scheme customer will always be contacted in advance of the tracker being fitted. Data will only be collected on the location of a Scheme car at any given point and this data will only be used where a report has been made, or suspicion raised, that a car may be being misused.

    Location trackers are just one of the many ways to protect the Scheme from abuse, and to ensure that the cars are used for the benefit of Scheme customers.

    Find out more information about location trackers (opens in a new window) on the Motability Scheme website.

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