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Hannah has fantastic curly hair and looks really happy as she sits outside the open boot of her adapted vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each of the links below to view a series of Frequently Asked Questions on a wide range of topics. You can also search the entire list of Frequently Asked Questions using the search field below.

Charitable Grants - If you are thinking about applying for a grant

Charitable Grants - If you have already applied for a grant

Charitable Grants - If you have received a grant award

Charitable Grants - If you want to know about your driving assessment

Already a Customer

Contacting us


Customer Discounts and Offers

Joining the Scheme - Mobility Allowances

Can I join the Motability Scheme?

How the Motability Scheme works

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

I am a Healthcare Professional

Transitional Support - What is the Transitional support package?

Transitional Support - Returning the car

Transitional Support - Financial Support

Transitional Support - Specialised mobility

Transitional Support - Staying Mobile

Direct Mailing