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Stopped Allowance Support

The Government’s transition from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) may affect Motability Scheme customers who have been unsuccessful in their DLA to PIP reassessment.

Whilst Motability has no role in determining who should receive DLA or PIP, as this decision is made solely by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), since 2013 Motability has supported affected Scheme customers with additional help in the form of the Motability Transitional Support Package.

In addition to the Transitional Support Package, Motability has now committed to help Scheme customers who lose their higher rate mobility benefit through reassessment, either in transitioning to PIP, renewing their PIP award, or in renewing their DLA award. This is the Stopped Allowance Support Grant Programme and will be available for three years from September 2019.

What we offer

Through our Stopped Allowance Support Grant Programme, we will help Scheme customers leaving the Scheme due to a stopped allowance (following reassessment), with a payment of £1,000. The Stopped Allowance Support grant can provide essential help to a disabled person with their ongoing mobility costs including finding alternative transport options.

Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme customers can apply for a smaller payment which will give them the option to buy their Scheme wheelchair or scooter.

Who can receive Stopped Allowance Support?

Scheme customers who are unable to continue to use the Motability Scheme as a result of losing their qualifying benefit following a reassessment will be eligible. This includes:

  • PIP to PIP;
  • DLA to PIP (where they are not eligible to receive a grant from Motability’s Transitional Support Programme);
  • DLA to DLA.

The funding payment will be available if you return your car in good condition to your dealer, on or before the date agreed with Motability Operations. Please note, as our Transitional Support Package is still available, you cannot receive a grant from this as well as the Stopped Allowance Support Grant Programme.

Re-joining the Scheme

If the DWP re-awards your qualifying mobility allowance after you have returned your vehicle, you will be unable to re-join the Motability Scheme for six months. This is because Stopped Allowance Support grants are available to help unsuccessful claimants when they leave the Scheme. If you would like to re-join within six months of receiving a Stopped Allowance Support grant, you will need to contact the Motability Scheme’s customer helpline to discuss your options, which could include paying back part of the Stopped Allowance Support grant.

How to access Stopped Allowance Support grants

When the DWP stop your allowance, they will notify the Motability Scheme. As long as your car is returned to your dealer in good condition, within the timescales agreed with Motability Operations, you will automatically receive a cheque for the £1,000 grant in the post. If you are eligible for Stopped Allowance Support, then It is important that your address details are up-to-date, so please contact the Motability Scheme and advise if you have moved.

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