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Help with the cost of a Drive-from-Wheelchair vehicle

Motability may be able to help with the cost of a Drive-from-Wheelchair vehicle or an Internal Transfer vehicle (entering in your wheelchair but transferring to the driver’s seat while inside) or complex driving controls costing more than £10,000.

We means test all applications and any help we give is always towards the best value solution to help you cope with your mobility needs.

Read on for details of what we may consider when reviewing your application for a charitable grant:

  • You are solely responsible for the care of one or more dependents, such as: a disabled partner or child, care of an elderly relative or young children. You must demonstrate that the vehicle is essential to enable the continuation of the care given.
  • You are in full-time education or training and a vehicle would allow you to access it independently. Full-time education is defined as: education undertaken in pursuit of a course, where a substantial period of each week is spent receiving tuition, engaging in practical work, receiving supervised study or taking examinations. Training can include being in an unpaid Apprenticeship.
  • You are in paid employment, where the use of a vehicle is essential for commuting to and from your place of work, or for frequent business use.
  • You carry out voluntary work, where the use of a vehicle is essential to enable you to undertake this work and you spend a substantial amount of time each week volunteering. Voluntary work can include helping out unpaid at a charity, voluntary organisation or community group, a public-sector organisation like your local council or a social enterprise supporting your local community.
  • We also look at some cases on an exceptional basis, for example, if you live a long way from local amenities or where there are very limited local transport options, such as local authority transport, NHS transport, volunteer transport or wheelchair accessible taxis.

Please note that Motability cannot consider an application for a Drive-from-Wheelchair/Internal Transfer vehicle if you are:

  • Waiting to hear from the DVLA about your entitlement to drive.
  • Expecting to change to a different model of powered wheelchair within the next 12 months. This is because we adapt the vehicle to suit the particular model of wheelchair you use, so it is important to know what type of wheelchair you will be using in the longer term.
  • Your entitlement to DLA or PIP expires within the next 18 months.

If you have carefully considered your needs and cannot find a suitable mobility solution in your price range, please take a look at our information on How to apply for a Charitable Grant .