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How we helped Lenny

Eight-year-old Lenny is cheeky, bright, enjoys playing computer games and he absolutely adores animals. Lenny was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy which means he has limited mobility, he’s unable to walk or sit unsupported.

Lenny’s parents, Rachel and Darren have four children, Michael, Gracie Leigh and twin brothers Lenny and Archie. Travelling around in a standard size car was difficult with Lenny’s buggy, a standing frame and positional chairs, which they have to take with them whenever they go out.

Lenny and his parents in park, in front of their car.

Rachel says, “We did have a smaller car with five seats but we could never go anywhere together as a family. It was really difficult as we couldn’t take any of Lenny’s mobility aids with us, we only had room for a normal stroller buggy which he really wasn’t comfortable in.”

Motability helped Lenny’s family with a new vehicle, which has seven seats, so it’s ideal for their needs. Rachel said, “It’s just lovely to be able to go somewhere as a family. It’s also so much easier to get Lenny to his physiotherapy, speech therapy, and hospital appointments. We’ve recently got a place at a group for children with cerebral palsy and could only accept this placement now we have a car, as the group is 75 miles away. The Motability Scheme has opened up new opportunities for Lenny that we would not have been able to consider before”.

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