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How we helped Lesley

Lesley is a 38 year old learning support assistant at a technology college. She lives with her husband Craig and their daughter. Lesley has Lupus and Sjorgen’s Syndrome, an auto-immune disease that causes restricted movement in her limbs.

Lesley describes herself as a positive, bouncy person. She has been living with Lupus since she was 15 years old but it was only when she had her daughter, that her condition worsened significantly.

She says “Having my daughter caused my condition to deteriorate. It was devastating as we had been trying to have a baby for seven years and all the things we had hoped to do with her are now more difficult”.

Lesley, resting on car with scooter in the back.

Lesley and Craig, who is also disabled, applied to Motability for help to get a car big enough to accommodate Lesley’s scooter, Craig’s wheelchair and a hoist to lift the scooter in and out.

Lesley says “Our Motability car has been a lifeline. Without the car I would not be able to get out to do the shopping or take my daughter out. Motability has been there throughout my disability and when my condition worsened they were there to make sure I got the car that most suited my needs. My car allows me to keep my independence.”

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