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Scheme-related Grant Programmes

Would you like to join the Motability Scheme but cannot afford to do so? At Motability, we believe that money should not be a barrier to disabled people enjoying the freedom and independence offered through the Motability Scheme.

Find out more about Motability's Charitable Grants.

September 2020 -  woman sitting in a car

About our Scheme-related Grant Programmes

We created the Motability Scheme-related Grant Programmes to help disabled people get the vehicles and adaptations they need.

Whilst the vast majority of Motability Scheme customers use just their mobility allowance to lease the vehicle they require, there are still some who are unable to afford the Advance Payment on a vehicle and any adaptations they need to be able to access the benefits of the Motability Scheme. Support through a charitable grant from Motability can mean a world of difference to our beneficiaries and their families, to be able to enjoy the freedom and independence so many of us take for granted.

Our expert Case Managers and Driving Advisors will need to ask for information about your mobility needs to ensure the vehicle and adaptations we fund are right for you.

Who can apply for Motability Scheme-related Grant funding?

Anyone in receipt of the qualifying mobility allowances to join the Motability Scheme can apply to our Scheme-related Grant Programme. Our grants are means tested to ensure that our funding supports those with the greatest need. This means we will look at your financial situation, including household income and savings, to determine if you are able to make a contribution.

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Motability Scheme-related Grant Programmes Currently Available

Through our Scheme-related Grant Programmes, you could apply for financial help towards:

To ensure our funding is put to best use, we always look for cost-effective solutions to support the everyday mobility needs of the disabled person.

How do I apply?

To apply for funding from one of these grants programmes, contact Motability on 0800 500 3186. We will discuss what you need and if we think we can help, we will send you an application form (digital and paper versions available). You may speak with one of our business partners first, as there may be alternative options available to you.

Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grants Programme

Our Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grants Programme can provide grants towards the cost of:

  • - Advance Payments towards a Motability Scheme car and any adaptations or vehicle manufacturer options necessary to use it;
  • - Adaptations needed mid-lease due to a change in circumstances.


Find out more about the Cars and Vehicle Adaptation Grants Programme.


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Grants Programme

Advance Payments for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAVs) can be expensive and we can provide grants towards the cost of:

  • - Advance Payments towards a WAV and any adaptations or dealer options you need.
  • - Adaptations needed mid-lease due to a change in circumstances.


Find out more about the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Grants Programme.


Complex Driving Solutions Grants Programme

We can fund vehicles which you drive while seated in your wheelchair, adaptations to help you to transfer from your wheelchair while in the vehicle, or help towards the cost of complex vehicle conversions (where the total cost of adaptations and dealer options is greater than £10,000).

Find out more about the Complex Driving Solutions Grants Programme.


Who we help

Girl sat beside her wheelchair accessible vehicle

Hannah is a Motability Scheme customer and heard about the Scheme through a friend: “Before I joined Motability I could only travel by blue light ambulance to and from hospitals, as travelling was extremely uncomfortable and painful.”

Hannah was fit and well until she injured her ankle while playing netball. She explains: “I had internal damage and developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and then other secondary complications. My mobility deteriorated and I was admitted to hospital. I spent most of the next four years in hospital and 18 months in a neurological unit. I have been home more permanently since I was 21, with only occasional admissions to hospital. I am a powerchair user. I try to live a fulfilling life, to the best of my ability.“

Hannah currently leases a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) on the Motability Scheme and received a grant for the Advance Payment: “Motability has changed mine and my family’s lives and helped me to get out in the world after many years in hospital. It is a lifeline.”