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Elisabeth is wearing a red dress, she is with her parents and they're all smiling into the camera

Impact and Innovation

Motability has a vision: to ensure that no disabled person in the UK is disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation. We know from listening to disabled people that mobility gives them freedom and independence. Mobility enables disabled people to see friends, to work or study, or to participate fully in their communities.

To help us achieve even greater impact, we want to build a better understanding of the transport lives of disabled people and the challenges they face. This will help Motability build new programmes and activities informed by rigorous evidence. We also want to measure the impact our existing and new programmes are having on the lives of our beneficiaries.

We have begun an in-depth programme of research, including listening to the views and perspectives of disabled people. And we have started to look for and generate innovative solutions to meet the evolving transportation needs of disabled people. We are also beginning to measure the impact of our current and future work. And we continue in our robust oversight of the Motability Scheme.