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Since being founded in 1977, Motability has provided millions of disabled people with transport solutions, thus improving their mobility and quality of life. Our vision is to ensure that no disabled person in the UK is disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation.

Our achievements in 2020/2021

  • Our provision of charitable grants. 
  • The launch of the Special Grant Programme.

We know that our transport solutions improve disabled peoples' mobility which enables them to have: 

  • greater access
  • more independence
  • more opportunities to learn
  • more opportunities to work
  • closer social connections
  • improved mental and physical wellbeing

Identifying what works and improving our learning

We want to develop our understanding of what works to improve the mobility of different groups of disabled people, and to use that learning to improve our programmes and inform our decisions.

  • Developing outcomes framework: This year we have begun this process by developing our organisational level outcomes framework. We have listened to the views and perspectives of over four thousand disabled people. 
  • Evaluation plan: We have developed our evaluation plan and will be conducting a number of programme level evaluations to generate evidence. This is then used to improve our performance and to inform our plans.