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Angela is sitting in her wheelchair at the front of her WAV next to the driving seat, with her big smile she sparkles


We have a bold vision to ensure that disabled people are not disadvantaged by poor access to transportation, and we are determined to increase the range and reach of what we do, looking beyond the Motability Scheme.

In 2020/21 we conducted sector-leading research with disabled people and transport experts, as well as our own front line staff, to understand what mobility challenges disabled people are facing and what innovative solutions would help overcome them.

We used the research results, which are available to read on our website's our reports page, to create an innovation framework to identify and assess opportunities for us to explore.

We have put listening to people with disabilities and how we can make a positive impact on their lives at the centre of this new framework.

We have also considered key criteria which fit with our existing and future capabilities; our financial strategy; public demand and momentum for change; and how to avoid duplicating existing services. Using these key criteria within our innovation framework, our Board has prioritised two areas for innovation:

Priority area one:

  • Firstly, we learned that the voices of disabled people are not always listened to and that their specific mobility needs are not always considered when decisions are being made about transport. So we will work with the wider disability sector to amplify the voices of disabled people to influence policy and practice for inclusive transport; to improve understanding of “what works” and influence decision-makers to ensure transport is accessible.

Priority area two:

  • Secondly, the research showed there are major challenges for disabled people who find public transport inaccessible. We want to understand a range of possible community and door-to-door transport models and where there might be new opportunities in this area.


The research shows that major upcoming changes in the world of transport might risk leaving behind people living with disability. We have identified a small number of pilot innovation projects in our two priority areas.

Next Steps

Please continue to check this webpage for updates on our innovation projects. If you believe your individual or organisational work has implications or overlap with our innovation programme and you are interested in discussing further, please get in touch