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A man in a wheelchair is holding a charging plug for an electric car. The wheelchair is in front of a parked electric vehicle.

We’re ready for electric

To help raise awareness of the current issues with public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging for disabled people in the UK, we have produced a short video highlighting some of the points we aim to address.

*Disclaimer: Motability are not responsible for any external content or advertising that follows this video on YouTube.

Video providing an overview of Motability's accessible EV charging project.

We’re working with Government, industry, charities and most importantly, disabled people, focussing on practical changes that will ensure disabled people aren’t left behind as the UK transitions to electric.

Our research shows that like many others in the UK, disabled people are ready to make the switch. By sponsoring national accessible charging standards, in partnership with the Department for Transport, and working with organisations such as Designability and UK Power Networks, we aim to ensure that no one is left behind.

To learn more about our research and the work Designability is doing with disabled people to inform our EV charging project, visit our research page.