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Danielle is pulling down the boot of her car with the assistance of a handle

We are now able to be more independent

Danielle learnt to drive through Motability’s Driving Lessons Grant Programme.

Danielle, lives in Birmingham with her son and daughter. Danielle and her two children have Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita. She learnt to drive through Motability’s Driving Lessons Grant Programme.

“Before joining the Motability Scheme, we didn’t travel unless it was essential for things such as hospital appointments, and for this we relied on taxis. We were mainly housebound when it came to social activities. With my children and I having the same medical condition, using public transport was extremely difficult.”

Danielle is strapping her little boy into his car seat, as he looks over to his smiling baby sister who is already in hers
“Having a car and learning to drive has completely changed both mine and my children’s lives. We are now able to enjoy days out and be a lot more independent.”

"We no longer have to rely on other people for appointments and we can visit friends and family and enjoy a social life, which was near impossible before. It has given me so much freedom – it is unbelievable. I honestly don’t know how we managed before.”

Danielle is outside with her baby daughter in her arms, as they look over to her son playing on his balance bike
“Without Motability, I don’t think I would have ever learnt to drive. Me and my two children would still be stuck in the house.”

“Now we can simply pop out in the car without having to plan too much. We have the freedom to go where we like and enjoy life. Both me and my children have a lot of weekly hospital appointments, which I used to dread simply because of transport. Being able to drive myself has built my confidence and made me realise we can be a happy independent little family, thanks to Motability.”