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Joanne and her husband are at the beach; she is in her motorised wheelchair, they're holding hands

Oversight of the Motability Scheme

Oversight of the Motability Scheme is carried out by a team at Motability, reporting to the Scheme Oversight Committee, which meets quarterly. The Scheme Oversight Committee directs oversight activity and evaluates the outcomes from the Scheme.

In exercising oversight of the Scheme, Motability is guided by its founding principles: solutions that meet the needs of disabled people, providing the highest standard of service; the best possible value for money; and financial sustainability for the long term.

Motability exercises oversight of the Scheme and of Motability Operations in a variety of ways, through the Scheme Agreement (the contract with Motability Operations), including:

  • through the Scheme Agreement (our delivery contract with Motability Operations);
  • through monthly review of reports against the agreed Key Performance Indicators;
  • through analysis of customer research to ensure that the Scheme is meeting the current needs of Scheme customers;
  • through continuous discussion of current performance and future plans with Motability Operations, including at a dedicated subcommittee;
  • through wider monitoring of developments in the social security and automotive industry landscapes;
  • through discrete projects examining specific aspects of Scheme delivery and sustainability.

This is in addition to the routine dialogue between senior management of Motability and Motability Operations on significant issues impacting the operational performance of the Scheme.

The contractual KPIs are reviewed annually with Motability Operations to ensure that they remain relevant and focused on the most important elements of customers’ needs and experiences.