1. How much does leasing through the Scheme cost?

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    Depending on which vehicle you choose, you will exchange all or most of the higher rate mobility part of your weekly disability allowance for the course of your Scheme lease. Other parts - such as the care component - remain completely untouched and you will continue to receive them as normal.

    All standard scooters and powered wheelchairs cost less than your weekly allowance, meaning you get some money back.

    Meanwhile, for cars there are three pricing options to choose from:

    • Some cost less than your weekly allowance,
    • Others cost the same as your weekly allowance,
    • Some require an one-off payment, called an Advance Payment.

    When you lease a car through the Scheme, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, tyre and windscreen replacement are all included in the lease.

    Find out more from the Motability Scheme website

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