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Grants for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

You may need a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) to support your mobility. WAVs are vehicles which have been adapted to enable a wheelchair user to access and remain in their wheelchair when travelling.

As they are specialist conversions, WAVs can be expensive. At Motability, we believe that being a wheelchair user should not be a barrier to independence and we created the WAV Grant Programme to help overcome the costs.

September 2020 - man with lady in wheelchair in front of a car

What we offer

Through our WAVs Grant Programme, we currently focus help towards the cost of:

  • Advance Payments towards a WAV lease through the Motability Scheme, along with financial help towards any adaptations or dealer options needed.
  • Adaptations for Scheme WAVs needed mid-lease due to a change in your circumstances, for example, if your mobility has decreased and you now need additional assistance getting into your WAV.

Our expert Case Managers and Driving Advisors will need to ask for information about your mobility needs to ensure the WAV and any adaptations we fund are right for you.

We can also offer familiarisation lessons; for example, when using driving adaptations for the first time, though our Driving Lessons Programme .

Who can apply

Our WAV Grant Programme is currently prioritising funding towards disabled people who use a wheelchair and who:

  • Would like to join the Motability Scheme but cannot afford the vehicle and adaptations they need;
  • Have a current lease agreement on the Motability Scheme which is ending and they cannot afford their next Scheme vehicle or adaptations they need.

Our grants are means tested to ensure that our funding supports those with the greatest need. This means we will look at your financial situation, including household income and savings, to determine if you are able to make a contribution.

How to apply

To be considered for a grant from the WAV Grant Programme, contact Motability on 0800 023 4331. We will discuss what you need and if we think we can help, we will send you an application form (digital and paper versions available). You may speak with one of our business partners first, as there may be alternative options available to you.

Find out more about Grant Programmes and Grant Funding:

Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme

Our Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Programme can provide grants towards the cost of:

  • - Advance Payments towards a Motability Scheme car and any adaptations or vehicle manufacturer options necessary to use it;
  • - Adaptations needed mid-lease, due to a change in circumstances.

Find out more about the Car and Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme.


Complex Driving Solutions Grant Programme

We can fund vehicles which you drive while seated in your wheelchair, adaptations to help you to transfer from your wheelchair while in the vehicle or help towards the cost of complex vehicle conversions (where the total cost of adaptations and dealer options is greater than £10,000).

Find out more about the Complex Driving Solutions Grant Programme.


Who we help

Lady using her ramp.

Ailsa has rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. “For years I didn’t get out much and when I did, it was with the help of my husband or close friends,” explains Ailsa.

“I needed a vehicle with adaptations to help me drive. My car has been adapted so that I drive with a steering wheel ball. It is also wheelchair accessible so I can travel with my powered wheelchair. This means I am able to drive again and I don’t need to rely on lifts from others.”